Providing a Warm Welcome

Objective: To ensure Royal Leamington Spa offers a beautiful, welcoming and safe environment where customers can easily discover and enjoy the unique offer.

It is predicted that by 2020 more than half of all non-food retail sales will be made online. This will drastically affect consumer habits, traditional face-to-face retail sales and town centre footfall. Also, attracting customers through great marketing can only be successful if we are able to back up our message when they arrive.

With this in mind, BID Leamington seeks to pro-actively buck the trend by ensuring that Royal Leamington Spa is seen as somewhere to have a great experience as well as shop. This will not only attract people but increase dwell time, spend, and encourage return visits.

Experiencing Royal Leamington Spa is about the whole package on offer – from first impressions, the welcome upon arrival, the way visitors get around and the things they do when they are here to the messages visitors take away and tell their friends about. It is also part of how we develop a commitment to the town – loyalty and pride.

To enhance the Royal Leamington Spa experience, BID Leamington aims to provide:

  • Street scene: Implement a calendar of beautification through street scene enhancements.
  • Way-finding: Ensure people can find what they are looking for, and raise awareness of the daytime and night-time offer so customers can explore and experience the whole town.
  • Leamington Ambassadors: Volunteers and supporters to help communicate what the town has to offer.
  • Think Before You Give Campaign: Encouraging people to give responsibly when faced with people who are begging in the local area.
  • The Purple Flag Scheme: Meeting the standards of evening and night-time economy management to offer ‘a better night out’ to visitors.


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Current Projects

The calendar of events, street scene improvements and way-finding activities can be found in the Marketing Plan, under Marketing and Promotional Activities.

Archive of Projects

Please contact us if you would like to view the records of projects delivered in previous years since the BID was established in July 2008.

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