Promoting Your Business
& the Town Centre

Objective: To attract customers from neighbouring areas and stop leakage to other destinations while building loyalty and fostering creativity, innovation and community spirit.

Royal Leamington Spa has a clear vision of its future direction and a strategy that places the customer at the centre of its decision making. By continuing to implement the Royal Leamington Spa ‘Story’, we actively and consistently promote the town’s offer to increase sales through events and promotions. We also help develop loyalty and pride in the town and embrace emerging technologies.

The Marketing Plan

With this in mind BID Leamington has undertaken an extensive amount of research and consultation. Following a series of 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders and a community workshop that was attended by 80 participants, BID Leamington identified Key Themes and the ‘Big Idea’ to guide promotion and future development of the town.

This research was then fed into the development of a detailed Marketing Plan including Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Identification of Key Audiences and Key Messages which inform all the Marketing and Promotional Activities. BID Leamington also developed a Graphic Language andPhotographic Gallery which is now available to support BID’s promotions as well as other businesses who wish to promote themselves within Royal Leamington Spa.

Finally we identified how this research can enhance your own marketing and how everyone in the business district can help to ensure Royal Leamington Spa’s proposition is as powerful as possible. Using this information, BID Leamington’s aim is to deliver a customer-driven programme that tackles issues identified by businesses with the aim of increasing the number of people that visit, return and invest in Royal Leamington Spa.


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Themes & Big Idea

Stakeholders were asked the following questions to help understand Royal Leamington Spa’s offer and strategic direction. This was distilled into 3 themes and a big idea.

  • What is Leamington Spa for?
  • Who is Leamington Spa for?
  • Why is Leamington Spa different?
  • What is Leamington Spa’s ambition?
  • What is Leamington Spa’s ‘story’ / what are we saying about the town?

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