BID Renewal Ballot 2018-2023

In March 2018, businesses will be invited to vote on the future of the Leamington Business Improvement District (BID) for the period to 2023. The BID has brought many benefits to the town and local businesses over the last ten years. Now it is time to renew your BID so we can continue to build on these assets for a further five years.

You will find information about our plans for the continual improvement of the town in the new Business Plan 2018-2023 is available to view in hard copy on request and can be downloaded here.

This document talks about what has been achieved, what we will do and outlines our vision and pledge to help you prosper in the future. You will also find information about the ballot process and why we think you should vote ‘YES’.

This is a critical decision for Royal Leamington Spa. Many would suggest that given the changes facing our town centre on the horizon, there has never been a more important time to have the support and representation BID Leamington provides. We cannot be complacent or think that things will not change and more importantly, it is wrong to think that the town will not suffer if this investment and focused management is lost.

There is no doubt there is more to do – but there is also no doubt there is more to lose by not investing at this crucial time in the life of our town.

In the coming weeks business owners and managers will receive a number of important documents by post:

  • In early January a ‘Voter Nomination‘ letter will be posted out confirming where ballot papers will be sent. If you receive this and need your documents sent to an alternative address please complete and return the form in the envelope provided.
  • On 14th February the ‘Notice of Ballot‘ will arrive. This is for information only.
  • Finally, on the 1st March ‘Voting Papers‘ will arrive. Businesses will have 28 days to return the papers to the Electoral Reform Service (ERS) in London by post.

Please take the time to read and digest this information and call us on 01926 470 634 or email if you have any questions.

BID 2018 – 2023 Launch Event: Securing Our Town’s Future Together

Wednesday 7th February, 2018
5.30 for a 6pm start
House of Fraser Cafe – Angelica’s Tea & Cake

Guest speaker: Paul Shilton – Manager: House of Fraser
Plus: Covent Garden Development Update (Planning permission was granted January 9th)

Please join us … as we launch the new BID Business Plan 2018-2023. Find out what the future will look like as we set out an exciting agenda for the next five years if the BID renewal proposal is supported in the March ballot.

It has been based on extensive business engagement and detailed market research to ensure our town centre remains a competitive, vibrant and well managed destination in the future.

This is very important as all our activities will come to an end without your support. This includes funding for future Christmas lights and floral enhancements as well as the town’s website, social media, promotions, events, cost savings, training, support and very importantly, business representation and influencing the agenda as the town faces many changes.

Our commitment to you

In delivering its services BID Leamington will:

  • Serve businesses in a professional, open and transparent way.
  • Be innovative and make knowledgeable, informed decisions.
  • Be responsive and monitor the effectiveness of all projects.
  • Support businesses and help them adapt to the changing retail environment.
  • Involve businesses in voting for the BID and overseeing its operation for the benefit of all.
  • Act as an advocate for businesses on important issues such as parking, planning and development.

To view a copy of our Business Plan 2018 – 2023 please click here.